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If you like Opeth, you may also like: Necrotic Overlord (Death Metal) by MARASMUS (US) featured on Bandcamp Radio Mar 18, 2021. go to album. Le Dernier Rempart by Herzel. See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with opeth on Bandcamp Morningrise by Opeth, released 25 October 2013 1. Advent 2. The Night and The Silent Water 3. Nectar 4. Black Rose Immortal 5. To Bid You Farewell 6. Eternal Soul Tortur

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  1. Maryland • Metal • 136 collection items • 51 follower
  2. Orchid by Opeth, released 25 October 2013 1. In Mist She Was Standing 2. Under the Weeping Moon 3. Silhouette 4. Forest Of October 5. The Twilight Is My RobeRequiem 6. Requiem 7. The Apostle In Triumph 8. Into The Frost Of Winte
  3. Heritage by Opeth, released 20 September 201
  4. Still Life (Remastered) by Opeth, released 01 January 1999 1. The Moor (Remastered) 2. Godhead's Lament (Remastered) 3. Benighted (Remastered) 4. Moonlapse Vertigo (Remastered) 5. Face Of Melinda (Remastered) 6. Serenity Painted Death (Remastered) 7. White Cluster (Remastered) Still Life was Opeth's first outing for Peaceville and armed with renewed enthusiasm, the band delivered a flawless.
  5. My Arms Your Hearse by Opeth, released 25 October 2013 1. Prologue 2. April Ethereal 3. When 4. Madrigal 5. The Amen Corner 6. Demon of the Fall 7. Credence 8. Karma 9. Epilogue 10. Circle Of The Tyrant 11. Remember Tomorro

Opeth Official Website - Tour dates, Discography, Bio, Media and more.. 'The Roundhouse Tapes' contains a captivating Opeth performance from the Camden Roundhouse, London, UK, on November 9th, 2006 (a gig which also featured Goth metal legends Paradise Lost), and sees the band in scintillating form churning out a selection of classics from their illustrious career Opeth Official Website: Evolution XXX By Reques Pure dissonant jazz infused bliss. There's something so dark but alluring as well as compelling about Imperial Triumphant's work. This album is a master class in creating a dark and thrilling atmosphere that will engage your ears the entire time it is playing. Opeth by Pubic Beast, released 10 March 201

2008's remaster of Opeth's classic 1999 album, Still Life. If anyone is interested in the story the record tells, here you are http://www.face-of-melinda.com.. Opeth is a Swedish progressive metal / rock band from Stockholm, formed in 1989. The group has been through several personnel changes, including the replacement of every single original member

Opeth by satanicpizza, released 12 November 201 Peaceville. London, UK. Peaceville Records is a British independent metal-oriented record label founded in Dewsbury, England in 1987 - artists over the years include Katatonia, Darkthrone, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride and Anathem Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. This is my favorite Opeth record so far, my girlfriend has been pushing me on to them, and I think this one and watershed really do it for me Carter Beckwith. go to album. Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. supported by 10 fans who also own Still Life (Remastered) I saw this in my. Wellington, New Zealand • Metal • 104 collection items • 3 follower Opeth-Gründer David Isberg lernte Åkerfeldt in dieser Zeit kennen und engagierte ihn zunächst als Bassisten. Die anderen Bandmitglieder wussten davon nichts und verließen im Streit die Band, um ein eigenes Projekt namens Crowley zu gründen und im gleichen Jahr ein Demotape namens The Gate einzuspielen

by Opeth. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. At Last; Durin's Mightiest Son Returns To The Field Of Battle With Axe In Hand And Glory In His Heart! by Gimli, Son of Glóin . featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 8, 2021. go to album. Rapturous Flesh Consumed by Heretical Sect. Heretical Sect use blackened death-doom to deconstruct the tropes of the American Southwest, turning. Oceanis We are Oceanis, a 5 piece metal band from Liverpool, UK, with a passion for creating music that is bold, dynamic and above all, exceptionally heavy. Combining technical riffs, lifting choruses and sparing moments of clarity, we aim to bludgeon and sooth the listener. Drawing influence from bands such as Lamb Of God, Textures, Opeth, Gojira, Deftones and Mastodon..

Vangough Brave, eccentric and chemically unstable. Vangough is a sunrise of melodic cocaine for your ears. A Pandora's Box of exotic flavors mixed with harsh textures that can only be described as human. Warpaint, released 17 March 2017 1. Morphine 2. Dust 3. The Suffering 4. Gravity 5. Till Nothing's Left 6. Knell 7. Black Rabbit Vangough's latest musical world, Warpaint, ferments their. Afterglow by In Mourning, released 20 May 2016 1. Fire And Ocean 2. The Grinning Mist 3. Ashen Crown 4. Below Rise To The Above 5. The Lighthouse Keeper 6. The Call To Orion 7. Afterglow Hailed by many as the heir to Opeth's melodeath throne, IN MOURNING was formed in the Swedish woods in the year 2000. Since then the band has evolved over the years, striving to refine its sound to what it is. LUNATIC GODS Turiec by Lunatic Gods, released 20 March 2018 1. Rieka 2. Zabudli sme dýchať 3. Oriana (o Čertovom vrchu) 4. Na Tlstej rastie zlatá tráva 5. Pod Lyscom 6. Ursus Arctos (instrumental) 7. Na Ostrú The seventh album of Slovak Atmosphere-folk-black metallers. Influenced by progressive metal (Enslaved, Opeth, Ihsahn, DorDeDuh etc...) & Slovak folk music Elcrost. Hanoi, Vietnam. Elcrost is a three piece black metal band from Hanoi, Vietnam. Our influences are Opeth, Agalloch, Ulver and Alcest. We are formed in early 2019, started out as a recording project before evolving into a full fledge band Originaltickets für Opeth direkt beim Marktführer Eventim bestellen. Jetzt Tickets sichern und live dabei sein: Opeth bei Eventim

The Deviant by Descend, released 26 June 2020 1. Avalin 2. Blood Moon 3. The Purest One 4. Lily 5. Wallow 6. The Deviant One of the best metal albums of 2020! (Metalsucks) 5 / 5 (Progspace) 5 / 6 (Scream Magazine) 9,5 / 10 (Metal Observer) Descend is a progressive death metal act from Stockholm, Sweden. The band has completed the recording of their third full length album, entitled The. Time Collapse. Athens, Greece. Time Collapse are a Greek Prog Rock/Metal band from Athens, formed in November 2014. Their music is heavily influenced by modern Prog /Metal Bands (Tool,Opeth,Porcupine Tree,) while still holding true to the classic bands of the 70's(Rush, King Crimson) resulting in a sound that is a blend of chilling atmosphere, soulful melodies and metal riffs accompanied with.

Silhouette is a 47-min conceptual music journey, based on a personal story about conquering inner demons. It's a colourful, melodic, and emotional guitar-oriented progressive rock album, influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Marillion, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Opeth, and it's mostly instrumental work with the exception of the song Perspectives where the. Noswal I like to come up with ideas on guitar and see where they take me. Some of my favorite bands and influences over the years have been Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria, Opeth, Tool, Rush, Incubus, BTBAM, Tides of Man, Caspian, Cloudkicker, Russian Circles, The Contortionist, Animals As Leaders, Periphery... this could go on forever. If it's melodic, heavy, pretty or interesting, I'm. by Opeth. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. Dead Air by Katatonia. featured on Bandcamp Radio Dec 11, 2020. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Traveler Become Their Own Heavy Metal Heroes on Termination Shock Emi Ramírez: An '80s Metal-Style Screamer For Contemporary Times. A Brief Guide to the Canadian Metal Scene. On Bandcamp Radio.

As you will see, I'm not into the last four Opeth albums, but they certainly wrote a lot of strong songs in the past. A lot of it winds up coming from the Blackwater Park, Deliverance and Damnation albums since they're my favorites. They're a band that's been with me for a long time. Opeth also lead me to finding my all-time favorite band Katatonia Kera Munin Demonstration, released 14 September 2020 1. Intellekt 2. Thron der Reichen 3. Krieg 4. Totgeburten des Kosmos 5. Wanderer Black Metal from Lüdenscheid, German

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Death. Orlando, Florida. Death was an American metal band founded in 1983. The band's founder, Chuck Schuldiner, is considered a pioneering force in death metal and grindcore. The band ceased to exist after Schuldiner died of brain cancer in 2001, though remains an enduring heavy metal brand. For Press : enrique@relapse.co Har by Dordeduh, releases 14 May 2021 1. Timpul întâilor 2. În vieliștea uitării 3. Descânt 4. Calea magilor 5. Vraci de nord 6. Desferecat 7. De neam vergur 8. Văznesit With their sophomore full-length, Har, Romania's DORDEDUH have created a rare and unique metal record that defies easy categorisation, pushes boundaries, and offers something new and previously unheard The Liberation by Disillusion, released 06 September 2019 1. In Waking Hours 2. Wintertide 3. The Great Unknown 4. A Shimmer In The Darkest Sea 5. The Liberation 6. Time To Let Go 7. The Mountain While Disillusion's Back To Times Of Splendor was an instant classic of progressive melodic death upon its release in 2004, the group from Leipzig, Germany pushed the envelope even farther two years. Suffocation by Suffocation, released 19 September 2006 1. Oblivion 2. Abomination Reborn 3. Redemption 4. Bind Torture Kill 5. Misconceived 6. Translucent Patterns of Delirium 7. Creed of the Infidel 8. Regret 9. Entrails of You 10. The End of Ends 11. Prelude to Repulsion The legendary Suffocation have come blasting back to the forefront of the genre they helped to create with their new, self.

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Tragedy by Release The Blackness, released 06 December 2020 1. Trenodia 2. Ancestral Inheritance 3. Where Voids Gather 4. As Cold Snow and Flesh 5. Blank Sun 6. Enlightened by Emptiness 7. E mi Sovvien l'Eterno 8. Samsara 9. The Flower on the Precipice 10. The Bloom of Solitude Progressive death metallers Release The Blackness Tragedy is a massive sounding record, full of fast technical. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 22, 2019. go to album. Katedralen by Mork. featured on Bandcamp Radio Mar 5, 2021. go to album . The Headless Ritual by Autopsy. featured on Bandcamp Radio Feb 19, 2021. go to album. Methods of Madness by Obsession. featured on Bandcamp Radio Feb 5, 2021. go to album. Still Life (Remastered) by Opeth. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. Dead Air by. Alchemia Alchemia is a horror metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed by Victor Hugo Piiroja (vocals), with the lineup completed by Rodrigo Maciel (guitar), Adriano Vilela (bass), Alex Cristopher (drums), and Wally D'Alessandro (keyboard). Inception draws inspiration from horror film soundtracks, as well as dark and contemporary metal music

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  1. g + Download . Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited strea
  2. Kalahari Kalahari is a metal band born in Italy in 2017. In 2018, they release their first DEMO Re-Burn and in 2020 they go back in the studio to record their first EP. Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs are alternated with sinuous melodies. The lyrics touch social and existential themes and take inspiration from strong emotions, presented through metaphor
  3. g of Iris via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Opeth Mikael Akerfeldt in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet Sacramental Death Qualia by HAUNTER, released 13 September 2019 1. Dispossessed Phrenic Antiquity 2. Spoils Vultured Upon Sole Deletion 3. Abdication 4. Subversion of a Heathen Tongue 5. Sacramental Death Qualia Buy VINYL and DIGIPACK CD from our ESHOP: https://metalodyssey.8merch.com 12LP GATEFOLD (incl. Digital Download) • Limited to 200 pcs • 140gr Ages by Dawnwalker, released 04 December 2020 1. Melekh 2. The Wheel 3. Hymn 4. Ancient Sands 5. Numi 6. Burning World 7. Colony / A Gathering 8. The Cataclysm Dawnwalker return with the true follow-up to 2018's Human Ruins with 'Ages' - a portrait of a mythical world in decline. The seas swell and the forests burn. A cold wind blows for us all Garden Of Storms by In Mourning, released 04 October 2019 1. Black Storm 2. Yields of Sand 3. Hierophant 4. Magenta Ritual 5. Huntress Moon 6. Tribunal of Suns 7. The Lost Outpost Garden Of Storms is IN MOURNING's fifth studio album and last part of the trilogy started with The Weight Of Oceans (2012) and followed by Afterglow (2016) Our Wretched Demise by Keiser, released 27 November 2020 1. Prelude to War 2. Scourge of the Wicked 3. Cannons of War 4. When Fire Rides the Nightsky 5. Shroud 6. Far From Human 7. The Fog 8. Eternal Onslaught 9. Our Wretched Demis

Cult of Luna - The Raging River (Clear w/ Silver Galaxy, Bandcamp Edition) - 30€ Drudkh - A Furrow Cut Short (Red Vinyl) - 30€ Gruzja - I isc dalej (Purple w/ Black Swirl) - 20€ Opeth - Ghost Reveries (Gold Vinyl) - 40€ Rosetta - A Determinsm of Morality (Clear w/ Splatter Vinyl) - 32€ (angestoßene Ecken) Schammasch - Triangle (White Vinyl, First Press) - 45€ Skeletonwitch. by Opeth. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. Dead Air by Katatonia. featured on Bandcamp Radio Dec 11, 2020. go to album. City Burials by Katatonia . featured on Bandcamp Radio Dec 11, 2020. go to album. The Underground Resistance by Darkthrone. featured on Bandcamp Radio Nov 13, 2020. go to album. Vulgar Display of Purring Presents: New York by Vulgar Display of Purring. A. Nahtram Nahtram (old high-german for Nightraven) is a one-man instrumental metal project from South Germany. An Ominous Journey, released 17 March 2018 1. Into Crow's Woods 2. The Wolf 3. Interlude 4. Stormroad 5. An Ominous Journey Instrumental metal with orchestral element

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Practicing Death. Wordless. by Raljarn, released 12 March 2021 1. North Omens - Instrumental 2. UrgeHuman - Instrumental 3. MetaHuman - Instrumental 4. the Whale Song - Instrumental 5. PostHuman - Instrumental 6. DarkHuman - Instrumental 7. DeadHuman - Instrumental 8. I Speak Into the Dark - Instrumental Instrumental version of Practicing Death Hochwertige Opeth Death Metal Wandbilder mit einzigartigen Motiven Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Bilder für Wohnzimmer, Kinderzimmer und mehr Crone Crone is the musical collaboration between sG (Secrets Of The Moon) and drummer/guitarist Markus Renzenbrink (Embedded) by which the two explore their wide tastes in rock music and have found a means of intense, sometimes even enthralling expression characterized by haunting melodies. Godspeed, released 13 April 2018 1. Lucifer Valentine 2

Void by Luna's Call, released 28 August 2020 1. Merced's Footsteps 2. Signs 3. Solar Immolation 4. Enceladus & the Life Inside 5. Locus 6. In Bile They Bathe 7. Silverfish 8. Fly Further Cosmonau Kenz illusion by Nawather, released 27 February 2021 1. Treasure Chest 2. Breath Of Jasmin 3. Money Slave 4. Falleg 5. The Winter Serenade 6. Yamira 7. Khatwa 8. Kings Cards 9. The Wind of Death 10. Immortal Greed The second album Kenz Illusion is a continuity of the first album with more technical and richer melodies through stringed and Arabic percussion instruments that were carefully. Einzigartige Opeth Sticker mit einzigartigen Motiven. Designt und verkauft von unabhängigen Künstle.. Dandelion Charm. Brighton, UK. Harmonies, Epic outros, Songs that tell a story. Think Crosby Stills and Nash meets Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth, or Joni Mitchell meets Yes!

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Einzigartige Opeth Werkzeug Handyhüllen. Hüllen für iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 und mehr. Leicht, robust oder flexibel. Von Künstlern designt Practicing Death by Raljarn, released 21 January 2021 1. North Omens feat. Gleb Shashkov 2. UrgeHuman feat. Artem Sergeev 3. MetaHuman feat. Artem Sergeev 4. the Whale Song feat. Artem Sergeev 5. PostHuman feat. Gleb Shashkov 6. DarkHuman feat. Ivan Evseev 7. DeadHuman feat. Ivan Hansen 8. I Speak Into the Dark feat. Artem Sergeev Cold conceptual album Odyssey by Vokonis, releases 07 May 2021 1. Rebellion 2. Odyssey 3. Blackened Wings 4. Azure 5. Hollow Waters 6. Through the Depths REVIEWS Doomed & Stoned Picking up on the progressive elements most heavily featured in their last release (2019's Grasping Time), Odyssey feels like a very successful melding of all of the groups previous efforts. Read here: https://doomedandstoned.com.

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Hochwertige Wandtücher zum Thema Opeth Werkzeug Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Verschiedene Größen Als Tagesdecke, Wandbehang und mehr The Body Cosmic by Iapetus, released 09 November 2019 1. The Body Cosmic 2. Dark Matter Genetics 3. I Contain Multitudes 4. Galaxy Collective 5. For Creatures Such As We 6. Hadean Heart 7. Moonwatcher 8. The Star Of Collapse 9. Angelus Novu Kodama Kodama are a metal band comprised of passionate musicians hailing from North London/St. Albans, UK. The bands sound draws from an eclectic range of influences. Seamlessly blending modern metal elements of tech & groove into songs which are focused and heavy; whilst lyrically exploring themes of human behaviour, conflict, life & death and everything in between Left Hand Path, released 18.

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The Long Road Home by Iapetus, released 14 March 2017 1. Nomads 2.Of Hangmen & Vertebrae 3. Lachrymae Rerum 4. I Sing Of Satellites 5. Savior Solitude 6. My Father, My God 7. Crown Of Stars 8. Eviscerate Divine 9. The Long Road Hom The Heavens Are Not On Fire... by Wills Dissolve, released 29 July 2019 1. The heavens are not on fire 2. so do not mistake these ashes 3. for signs from on high 4. on this cold november night 5. 11-13-1833 The Heavens Are Not On Fire...is the debut album from Wills Dissolve, a progressive death metal band from Houston, TX. Equally atmospheric and aggressive, this album weaves its concept. Godspeed by Crone, released 13 April 2018 1. Lucifer Valentine 2. The Ptilonist 3. Mother Crone 4. The Perfect Army 5. Leviathan's Lifework 6. H (She's Not Dead, She is a Ghost) 7. Demmin 8. Godspeed Crone is a dark rock band from Northern Germany, led and shaped by Secrets of the Moon mastermind Phil 'sG' Jonas and Markus Renzenbrink (Embedded). Godspeed is the group's.

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Into The Electric Castle (20th Anniversary Edition) Ayreon Universe The Sourc KNOPF WICHTIG: Falls ihr kein Paypal-Konto habt, sendet uns einfach eine Mail an: kontakt@knopf-band.de Wir lassen euch dann die Bankverbindung zukommen. Sex mit einem Geist, released 24 November 2017 1. SEX MIT EINEM GEIST 2. HENNE OHNE KOPF 3. DAS SCHMUTZIGE GESCHÄFT 4. SCHWEIß 5. ROLLSTUHLKARATE 6. GOLF IST KRIEG 7. NUTZE DEIN GEHIRN 8 Disillusion After successful concerts with a refurbished line-up in 2015 and the single Alea in 2016, their first new recording in a decade, mastermind Andy Schmidt and co. deliver the logical successor to Back To Times Of Splendor in the shape of The Liberation, an expression of clearance in the literal sense of its title and testament to human development Includes unlimited streaming of Absent Passages via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more It is formed out of diverse lifelong influences ranging from Opeth and Meshuggah to Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson, as well as less obvious artists like Corrosion of Conformity, but ultimately exists more as a tour of the spaces between those diverse artists. Ultimately. The band's riveting new concept album, mixed by Yonaton Kossov (Amorphis, Orphaned Land) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend). Includes unlimited streaming of Strangers via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ships out within 3 days. Purchasable with gift card Buy Compact Disc $12 USD or more Send as Gift Limited-edition smoky gray 12 vinyl.

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Bandcamp New & Notable Sep 4, 2020. go to album. Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads by Swampbeast. featured on Bandcamp Radio Feb 5, 2021. go to album. In Somber Dreams by Mother of Graves. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. Still Life (Remastered) by Opeth. featured on Bandcamp Radio Jan 22, 2021. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Slugdge's. Blood Canvas by Rivers Ablaze, released 26 October 2020 1. Rebirth 2. Genuine Delusion 3. A Dream Turned Black 4. Into Deepest Depth 5. The Infinite Corridor 6. An Altered Vision 7. Spiraling Descent 8. Crystal Tower 9. The Bleeding Ghos Theogony by Lunar, released 10 November 2017 1. Thalia 2. Clio 3. Calliope 4. Polyhymnia 5. Euterpe 6. Erato 7. Terpsichore 8. Urania 9. Melpomene Releases November 10, 201 Para fans de bandas como Intronaut, Mastodon, Russian Circles, Opeth... Puedes escuchar y descargar nuestra música desde nuestro bandcamp. See More. 4 track album. firmam3nt.bandcamp.com. Firmament, by Firmam3nt. 4 track album. 4 track album. Firmam3nt. January 1, 2020 · Magnificent year for an extinct underground band. Thank you so much!! We still have some copies of our first album Link in.

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Seasons Within by Ashes Of Life, released 07 February 2020 1. Shores 2. Spiral Down 3. Burn 4. Autumn Days 5. Tried to Leave 6. Dying in The Snow Seasons Within is the full-length debut from doom metal band Ashes of Life from Lisbon, Portugal. It was produced, mixed and mastered at Lemon Drops Media by André Eusébio. The album's core is all about doom metal, yet the listener can also. Hirsute Hirsute is a death doom project based in New Zealand and is the work of a single musician, Justin Chorley. Drawing heavy influence from the earlier works of Opeth, Anathema, Katatonia and My Dying Bride, Hirsute is brooding and emotional with a sound grounded in evocative harmonies, punctuated with heavy rhythms and a mixture of growls and soft vocals

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Los Angeles 30th July 2003 by Porcupine Tree, released 01 May 2020 1. Blackest Eyes (LA) 2. Shesmovedon (LA) 3. Gravity Eyelids (LA) 4. Futile (LA) 5. Even Less (LA) 6. Slave Called Shiver (LA) 7. Waiting (LA) 8. Hatesong (LA) 9. Russia on Ice (LA) 10. Moon Touches Your Shoulder (LA) 11. Strip the Soul (LA) 12. Wedding Nails (LA) In the Summer of 2003, Porcupine Tree teamed up with Opeth for a. Zwiespalt by Entoria, released 23 October 2020 Zwiespalt Du wurdest ungerecht behandelt, Jetzt in der Leere wandelst. In deinen Gedanken, Nun vor Gericht. Schlägst mit deinen Fäusten, Ertränkst dich in leeren Worten. Lässt frei deine Rage, Doch Sinn hat das nicht! Alles was du tust, kann und wird gegen dich verwendet Void by LUNA'S CALL, released 30 April 2021 1. Merced's Footsteps 2. Signs 3. Solar Immolation 4. Enceladus & The Life Inside 5. Locus 6. In Bile They Bathe 7. Silverfish 8. Fly Further Cosmonau Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire by Fifth to Infinity, released 06 December 2015 1. Intro - Vindar från de osaligas ängder 2. Reapers Wake 3. Masters Unbound 4. The Fall of the Seven 5. The Will to Harm 6. Death Shall Wake Us All 7. Secrets of the Bottom 8. The Promise of Abyss 9. The Blessings of Annihilatio The Fruit of Barren Fields by Dreichmere, released 31 May 2020 1. Pfingstlich 2. Wurmian Shroud 3. As Golden Dust 4. Lamentations 5. Dolour 6. The Winterlong 7. The Wild Hunt (Earth as a Casket) Drawing from blackened depths of death and doom, Dreichmere returns to expand on the foundations laid down in 2015's Despair the Withered Shadows with an immersive sound that writhes and shifts.

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As camisas já estão disponíveis no nosso bandcamp, Big Cartel e também pessoalmente com a banda. Detalhes e afins, via inbox como de costume. ——— Very happy to share the design that fronts the first ever official Piah Mater merch Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Opeth, Schaliach, and November's Doom. Lyrically, this album takes a faith-based approach and deals with death, grief, and loss as every song is about someone or something in my life that has died. 9/10an epic and impressive piece of art -The Metal Onslaught . credits. released.

Mythus by Lunatic Gods, released 14 March 2004 1. The Earthfolk 2. Nation Of The Blind 3. Under The Veil Of The Night 4. A Beautiful City (instrumental) 5. Evil Breeds More Evil Still 6. Visions Collide 7. Sacrifice 8. Falling Into Darkness 9. Mourning The Blessed One (instrumental) 10. The History Turns 11. For More Glory The fourth album of Slovak atmosphere-folk-black metallers Get all 39 Morbid Chapel Records releases available on Bandcamp and save 70%.. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The Black Corridors of the Abyssal Depths of Existence Opened Their Gates, Assemblage of Disgust, Mustan moukarin legioona, Lurking Doom + Demo 2019, Ashes of the Titans, Quelled, Akasha 3: Salt, Sea, Blood & Fire, Akasha II: the.

Crypta Echoes Of The Soul, releases 11 June 2021 1. Awakening 2. Starvation 3. Possessed 4. Death Arcana 5. Shadow Within 6. Under the Black Wings 7. Kali 8. Blood Stained Heritage 9. Dark Night of the Soul 10. From the Ashes Just signed with Napalm Records, CRYPTA offer a raging sonic monster in a class of its own: the newly staffed Brazilian/Dutch death metal unit is set to drop jaws with. Mountain Fever by Subterranean Masquerade, released 14 May 2021 Presenting our 4th Full Length LP Mountain Fever Completely new 54 minutes long Epos , comprised of African and Balkan brass sections, Arab violins, extended vocal techniques and guest appearances by colleagues from bands such as Orphaned Land and Melechesh. Recorded between Golan Heights to Fascination Street Studio. Dødsengel Kark - Vocals, guitars & bass Malach Adonai - Drums IMPERATOR, released 30 April 2012 1. Sun on Earth 2. Holy Metamorphosis Two sample tracks from Dødsengel's 22-song (150 minutes) double-album, 'IMPERATOR', released by Barghest (UK) & Terratur Possessions (Norway). At long last, DØDSENGEL's highly-praised third album, 'IMPERATOR', is available in Double-CD Digibook format again Firmament by Firmam3nt, released 28 July 2016 1. North 2. East 3. West 4. South Our first homonymous album. Recorded live at Asaltamentes Creaciones by Rodrigo Nuñez & Jesus Castillo between 23/27 March 2016. It will be availabe on Nooirax Producciones 07/28/2016 www.nooirax.com www.asaltamentes.co

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Dmitry Demyanenko - guitar/music Andrew Ivashchenko - vocals Mike Isaev - Drums Rodion Shevchenko - Bas Pour Out Consume by Kilograal, released 12 July 2019 Growing teeth Learns to hurt So it's fine with life There are hands That grabs your neck Controls your jaw so it sings They think it's true They think it's real And somehow all of the others deserve it Choose your fights Choose your fears Sometimes the truth lies deep and forgotten Its damp core All sore Wave down Move in, join the mad. Citadel by NE OBLIVISCARIS, released 11 November 2014 1. Painters of the Tempest (Part I): Wyrmholes 2. Painters of the Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux 3. Painters of the Tempest (Part III): Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb 4. Pyrrhic 5. Devour Me, Colossus (Part I): Blackholes 6. Devour Me, Colossus (Part II): Contortions Without a doubt NE OBLIVISCARIS are one of the international metal. Summerland by Dool, released 10 April 2020 1. Sulphur & Starlight 2. Wolf Moon 3. God Particle 4. Summerland 5. A Glass Forest 6. The Well's Run Dry 7. Ode To The Future 8. Be Your Sins 9. Dust & Shadow Founded in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a name derived from the Dutch word for wandering, dark rockers Dool embarked on an ongoing spiritual and musical journey that took them.

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